Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Irish Petty Sessions & Registry of Deeds

FindmyPast Ireland ( has announced that three million more Irish petty session records will be released in May, with an additional ten million in the following months. They've also highlighted an article on the Irish Registry of Deeds, and how it can help with your research - see There are an estimated 600,000 deeds in the Registry between 1708 and 1830, and a further 1.5 million recorded between 1830 and 1929.

Incidentally, there is an online project that has partially indexed some of these deeds at - an update on the site last week shows that the site now has 90,0005 names indexed from 11,162 memorials of deeds.

My folks never did own land so I've always been out of luck with these records; however, whenever something new becomes available to search I still hold my breath and hope. It's always worth a try!!

Happy Searching,

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