Friday, May 13, 2011

Sask Archives

I've been asked to pass along this message, and I really hate to do it. As of 13 June, 2011 the Sask Archives buildings in both Regina and Saskatoon will only be open Mon. to Fri. 10am - 4pm with no retrieval services between 12 - 1 or after 3:45pm.

I suspect this has to do with reduced budgets yet again, but I worry that it will mean even less opportunity for researchers to use the facilities. People who work Mon - Fri are already shut out.

I am thankful we have a provincial archives, two archives actually, and every archivist or assistant I've had the pleasure to work with over the past 25 or so years has been extremely knowledgeable and helpful. BUT I don't think it's much of a stretch to see that reduced hours will lead to reduced access to the records we need and/or reducted numbers of patrons ... and that is NOT right! What can we do? Who do we talk to?

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