Monday, August 23, 2010

Genealogy's Often - Misspelled Words

Genealogy - No, it is not spelled “geneology” nor is it spelled in the manner I often see: “geneaology.” This becomes really important as you use the Internet, which may not recognize what you are searching for.

Cemetery - The letter "a" does not appear anywhere in the word "cemetery." You can remember the spelling by an old saying, "We go to the cemetery with E's." (ease)

Ancestor - This simple word is often spelled “ancester,” “ansester,” or “ansestor.”

Ancestry - This word is often misspelled “ancestory.” I often see errors when someone is referring to the online web site.

History - More than once I have seen someone refer to their "family histroy" or "family histry."

Descent - Perhaps not as common, but I have seen this spelled as "decent," which sounds almost the same.

Progenitor - This is a tough one!

Gazetteer - CRITICAL that you spell this one perfectly! There is probably a gazetteer for your ancestral locations online, but you'll need to spell it correctly. What is a gazetteer? It's a geographical dictionary and you CANNOT do genealogy without it!!

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